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Botanical Path

In 2001, the City Council of Santa María del Páramo agreed to make a perimeter walk parallel to the ring road in order to have a leisure and recreation space, try to turn it into an educational walk .

For this, 332 trees have been planted, belonging to 53 different species that according to technicians can be developed in these areas and in these soils. They are also chosen for their color: in bloom, during vegetative growth and autumn, so that the walk gives us an amalgam of colors throughout its vegetative cycle.

It puts identification plates with its common name, scientific name and family ... At the same time it installs a series of informative posters with each of the trees that make up the route, reflecting the characteristics of the tree, its moment of flowering, of fruit, of leaf fall. We call this "Botanical Path".

This "Botanical Path", in turn, is divided into five sectors and covering the toponymic areas and based on all sectors except one there were gaps called:
- "Laguna Feldos" (Valcavado Road - Villamañán)
- "Laguna la Barreda" (Villamañán - León Road)
- "Laguna Teñil" (León Highway - Hospital)
- "Laguna Encalada" (Hospital Hospital - La Bañeza)
- "Los arenales" (La Bañeza - Valcavado)