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Easter Week


Easter is a separate chapter in festivals and popular traditions. In them the locals are present, but also many visitors, children of the people who live outside and do not want to get lost these days in their town.
Properly liturgical celebrations are mixed with processions and other acts of popular piety, and of exaltation of the Paschal Mystery: Death and Resurrection of Christ.

Main acts of Easter:

- Dolores Friday (Friday before Palm Sunday): Procession of La Dolorosa.

- Palm Sunday: Blessing of the Ramos in the Hermitage and procession to the Church.

- Holy Wednesday: Procession of silence.

- Holy Thursday: (1) Procession of Solitude. The Virgin is taken to the Hermitage, where she remains until the procession on Friday morning.

- Good Friday: (1) Way of the Cross in the Church; (2) Holy Mass of the Institution of the Eucharist; (3) Holy Hour in front of the Monument. (2) Procession of the Encounter of the Virgin with Jesus carrying the cross. The meeting takes place in front of the Hermitage, from where the image of the Virgin comes out; (3) Offices of the Passion and Death of the Lord; (4) Procession of the Holy Burial; Rosary of Good Death.
- Holy Saturday: Great Easter Vigil, at night.

- Easter: (1) Procession of the Encounter of the Virgin with the risen Jesus; (2) Solemn Holy Mass, sung by the parish choir, with the assistance of authorities and confreres.