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Multisectoral Fair


Multisectoral and Agri-food Fair of Santa María del Páramo

For over 50 years each September on the occasion of the Patron Saint Festival, the agricultural and livestock sector, both in the province and in the entire autonomous community of Castilla y León and neighboring communities, has had an inescapable date with Santa María del Páramo at the Multisectoral Fair, in which an endless number of innovative offers are offered with equipment and machinery for work on agricultural and livestock farms, preferably.

The project began in 1960 with the municipal government team of Mr. Saturnino Francisco Franco. These were other times when agriculture had little to do with today. The supplies and work equipment were other more rudimentary adapted to the needs of the moment.


The Fair has been evolving and growing with agriculture and livestock that is developed today. Its location had to be changed because the demand for exhibitors has increased considerably in recent years, placing it in “Prado de Abajo” and currently occupying 12,340 square meters.

Due to this evolution, crafts, an exhibition of organic products, spaces dedicated to plant protection and seeds, gardening, pastries, wines with designation of origin, sausages have been incorporated ... Although the central axis of the Fair is the exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment and ranchers, as well as that of the most modern irrigation equipment that is gradually implanted in the area.

The Santa María del Páramo Fair has become an indispensable fair for thousands of farmers and for all the important companies in the agricultural sector, and the City Council has contributed to this, which year after year has invested for its consolidation with a great economic and personal effort. , to achieve the ends it pursues and for which it works: the defense and conservation of the rural environment.
This agricultural and multisectoral fair of utensils, tools, machinery and products from the field has, over the years, become deeply rooted, attracting a large number of farmers, ranchers and visitors from the Páramo region and its surroundings, becoming much more than an exclusively agricultural fair, although without ever forgetting its origins.

The geographical location of Santa María del Páramo and the dedication of a large number of residents in the wide region to agriculture, livestock and horticulture has considerably favored the development of the event, in which the latest-generation irrigation equipment has been increasing its protagonism as well as the space dedicated to seeds and phytosanitary products.

The Santa María del Páramo City Council has increased support for indigenous products such as DOT Tierra de León wines, Beans from La Bañeza and the organic farming sector, on the rise in recent fair editions.

Following the twinning in 2008 with the Portuguese town of Vila Flor, the presentation of its products was introduced at our Fair: high quality wines, cheeses and oils, as demonstrated by its exhibitors.

For more information call the Municipal Offices (987 35 04 41) and ask for Trinitario

Contact email: info@santamariadelparamo.es

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