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Tapa de Ajo Tasting


The City Council of Santa María del Páramo since 2006 organizes the first Sunday of the month of November the "Tapa de Exaltación de la Tapa de Ajo" with the aim of promoting and publicizing this indigenous and almost exclusive dish of the town. It is a very old dish, in which they say that the muleteers already carried it in their lantern to mitigate hunger and the cold of winter. Today it has become a typical tapas, in which bars serve as a companion for drinks around the feast of all saints.

The event is very simple, next to the Plaza Mayor of the town, each of the participating hotel establishments (15-20 depending on the year) distribute a small portion to the attendees for free. In total, about 50 kg of this dish are served in about 2,000 servings.

Each establishment prepares this typical dish in its own way, there are more or less spicy, with more or less consistency; in short for all tastes and palates

Ingredients: (Loaf of bread, chicken, rib and black pudding, pork, bacon, olive oil, garlic, hot paprika and salt.

Preparation: All meat is cooked. Once cooked, strain the broth and add the crushed garlic, paprika and olive oil. When it begins to boil, add the breadcrumbs as for garlic soups and stir everything until the bread is dissolved.

Its ingredients are humble, but its good preparation, although it is very simple, requires time, experience and a good hand. First, a broth based on beef, bones and chicken is made. Experts say it is the main basis. Once done, it is poured onto a loaf of bread. Paprika, olive oil and lots of garlic are added. Hence its name. Stir with patience until the bread falls apart and turn everything into a more or less thick dough. It is left to rest and ay is ready to eat.

It is usually served on a slice of bread. It can be cold or hot. Be a snack or a companion to other dishes. No two garlic dishes are the same, each cook gives their personal touch. There are more consistent and less. And above all what distinguishes one from the others is that they are more or less spicy.

If you cannot attend the day of exaltation of the tapa of garlic, do not worry, normally throughout the winter it is served as a companion in most of the bars and restaurants in the town.