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Future Municipal Camping


The Santa Maria del Paramo City Council will build a Four-Star Camping Site.

In order to complete the holiday and activities proposal, complementing the existing hotel and sports facilities carried out in recent years in the municipality, the non-duplication of services currently offered by individuals or entities in the town.

The starting conditions are the increased occupation of the plot allocated by the city council for camping use, offering quality accommodation and offering sports and leisure activities not present or scarce in other sports facilities, and the category of a minimum of 3 stars and comply with the provisions of DECREE 9/2017 of June 15, which regulates accommodation establishments in the Camping modality in the Community of Castilla y León ",

The proximity of stages of the Camino de Santiago Francés has been taken into account, so that the campsite can take advantage of the increase in tourism in the area in the summer season. The action consists of a camp for the accommodation of tourists, taking into account that the types of accommodation, needs, tastes and purchasing power of the camping users have undergone profound changes in recent years. The space for the campsite arises from the merger of two plots that together add an area of ​​18,199m2 to these meters, a third parcel is added on the 1310m2 northwest border. The main access to the facility is through Calle Camino de Torres Nº10. The facility will also have a secondary access, in the free camping area to facilitate interior tours.

The projected "Camping" is a bounded land space with metal fencing and conditioning with different types of buildings:
Housing volumes divided into 3 types:
TYPE l_ Room volumes with capacity for 2-4 people, 20m2 built with independent bathroom.
TYPE 2_ Housing volumes with a capacity of 8-12 people, 40m2 built with an independent bathroom.
TYPE 3_ Elevated room volumes with capacity for 2-4 people, 20m2 built with independent bathroom.

Area equipped with electricity and water services, divided into 16 pitches for caravans and other similar elements that are easily transportable, equipped with rolling elements and free of foundations. The electricity supply will be 600 Wh per plot and day.

Space available of 5,745 m2, conditioned with grass, for tents. There are two areas for toilets in this area. The electricity supply will be 600 Wh per plot and day

Welcome building, reception, cafeteria, basic necessities shop, terrace and other camping maintenance services.


Approved the Drafting of the Construction Project for the Municipal Camping Site (07/04/2020)

At the meeting held on April 7, the Governing Board of the Santa María del Páramo City Council approved the Drafting of the Construction Project for the Municipal Camping Site, health and safety studies and construction management in Santa María del Páramo, to RAQUEL GALLEGO LORENZO in the amount of € 50,820 (VAT included).

The Municipal Campsite will have four stars and will have a camping area, a caravan area, a recreational area, a residential area with bungalows, a welcome building and a shower and toilet area, in addition to landscaping and green spaces.

From the Santa María del Páramo City Council, it is believed that with investments and intense economic activity, it is how they will help to get out of this serious economic and social situation that has occurred.

The term of execution of said project is 45 days from the signing of the contract and includes the drafting of the Basic and Execution Project for the construction of the Municipal Campsite, the drafting of the Health and Safety Study, the construction management and the connection of the camping infrastructures with the existing urban services in the surroundings at crossroads of the Torres road with c / Peñaubiña or with c / Foncebadon.

Among the improvements proposed for choosing the chosen project, the following stand out:

Programmatic improvements, that is, the use of the campsite in winter is contemplated, the idea arises when planning the investment in the bungalows, providing them with air conditioning and thus allowing their use to be extended throughout most of the year. To complete the winter offer, it is also proposed as an improvement the forecast in the main building of a classroom that allows hosting courses and activities for groups.
Documentary improvements:
Design of signage and signage for use in the camping's own documentation, in advertising, etc.
Dynamization plan day 1; Regulation of use of the facilities, list of jobs and number of employees necessary for the start-up of the campsite and price proposal according to the different campers. Monitoring of the work by drone, carried out by a company registered with the State Aviation Safety Agency as an operator.
Upon completion of the work, a 3D model of the completed work will be delivered, which will include videos of the work process using RPAS technology.
Taking thermographic photographs to ensure the thermal efficiency of the Welcome building and the Bungalows.