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Horacio Domínguez Miniatures Exhibition


Horacio Domínguez has been making miniatures for more than 30 years, a hobby that has become a passion. In his workshop he exhibits more than 200 pieces all made by hand, such as cars, farm implements, houses, etc.

Among his favorite pieces, agricultural tools stand out: such as the machina (used to draw water in the Páramo before the arrival of irrigation), the wheat grinding machine, the mower ... a whole miniature collection that transports the history of the agriculture in the Páramo of the last 60 years. Horacio has been able to capture the history of the Paramés countryside in his miniatures.

Added to this ability is an incredible ability to remember data and store information, a practically photographic memory. Horacio sees something, memorizes it and without the help of photos reproduces it in miniature.

All the pieces are handmade, many of them with recycled elements, bottle caps, cardboard boxes, fruit peels, vegetables, etc.

The photographs have been provided by Leonsurdigital