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Santa María, on the Route


The Santa María del Páramo City Council through the Sports Councilor D. Julio Tolón and the Sports Technician Santiago Miguélez presented the Santa María hiking program on Route 2020 one more year, with a total of 9 routes that will be carried out between the months February and November mainly in León, but also visiting the provinces of Asturias, Lugo and Palencia. The hiking trails are geared for all ages and with a minimum of physical condition.

The routes to be performed are:
Route 1.- Tierra de Ordás (February 29)
Route 2.- Eria Valleys (La Cabrera) (March 21)
Route 3.- Lora de Valdivia and Covalagua (Palencia) (April 18)
Route 4.- Sickles of Valdeteja and beech Ancino (May 16)
Route 5.- Weekend in the Redes Natural Park (June 6-7)
Route 6.- Mirador del Fito - Hayedo La Viescona - Playa La Espasa (July 11)
Route 7.- Alto de Cuíña - Piornedo (Lugo) (September 26)
Route 8.- Sierra de Oceo (Omaña) (October 17)
Route 9.- Puerto de Cerredo - Villablino (November 7)

The following attached documents show the poster of all the routes (DOWNLOAD), the description of all routes (DOWNLOAD) and the information to make reservations and registrations (DOWNLOAD).

The price of the routes is € 12 for registered and € 15 for non-registered. For those under 18 there is a 50% discount and there is also the possibility of getting a Ruta + Spa voucher for € 20 and € 25. Enrollment to the routes will begin two Mondays before each route for the registered and two Tuesdays before for the non-registered and can be done in person or by phone (987350441).

In addition, to facilitate registrations for participants, the City Council offers a bonus of 6 to 8 routes that can be requested from February 12 for registered people and from 13 for non-registered people.

In the same act, a photographic projection of the routes carried out in 2019 was also carried out, and the 10 people who made the most routes have been awarded, since last year the 10 years of the hiking program were celebrated. In this way, Monterrat Vidal was recognized for having participated in 84 of the 88 routes carried out in these 10 years, followed by Eva Castellanos with 78 and Mª Angeles Álvarez with 77.


The following is the first of the routes to be performed:

On Monday, March 9, the registration period for the second hiking route that will take place on March 21 to Valles del Eria (La Cabrera) opens. Tuesday March 10 will be for the Non-Registered

Date: March 21
Distance: 17 km
Difficulty: medium
Difference in altitude: 550 m
Type of route: crossing
Departure time: 08:15
Starting point: Trouts
Place of arrival: Wells

Description of the route: the route begins in the town of Truchas, and runs through the environment of four other towns in the Cabrera Alta region of León: La Cuesta, Cunas, Pozos and Manzaneda, all with a very rich ethnographic heritage . The itinerary begins with the ascent to La Cuesta and later to one of the mountain ranges of the foothills of Teleno, Matalacuesta and Matarredonda, above 1500 meters of altitude and with excellent views of Los Montes de León and from where summits such as Vizcodillo, Teleno and Trevinca. The path continues along several forest tracks between extensive heathland and pine tree groves, although the remains of old slate mines are also very evident in the landscape of this region. At the height of the town of Cunas the descent begins, first to the valley of the Prados river and later to that of the Pequeño river, which has carved out a beautiful valley and constitutes one of the main tributaries of the Eria river. This small river is crossed downstream, through a narrow road that still preserves the well-marked wear grooves in its bed, old stone walls, dams in the river of the abandoned meadows, slate quarries of the locals. In addition, as we get closer to the town of Pozos, some melojo oak stands still survive, surviving the large forest fires that this region suffers. Finally the route reaches Pozos, a town that preserves many of the typical buildings of the La Cabrera mountain.

More information: http://www.aytotruchas.es/turismo-y-ocio/rutas/fichas-rutas/ruta-4/index.html

More information and Registration:
Ayuntamiento de Santa María del Páramo
Plaza Mayor Nº11, CP: 24240 Santa María del Páramo
Phone: 987 35 04 41
Web: www.santamariadelparamo.es
Sede Electrónica: www.santamariadelparamo.sedelctronica.es
mail: deportes@santamariadelparamo.es

Below are the routes taken in previous editions:

Santa María en Ruta 2019 Program:​ (VIEW TRACKS)
Route 1.- Villafáfila Lagoons (February 16) (VIEW TRACK) (PHOTOS)
Route 2.- Valdinian Road (Las Salas - Sabero) (March 16) (VIEW TRACK) (PHOTOS)
Route 3.- Peña Amaya (Burgos) (May 1)(VIEW TRACK) (PHOTOS)
Route 4.- Arrieros de la Tercia (May 11) (ver VIEW TRACK) (PHOTOS)
Route 5.- Meeting with our colleagues from Destriana (June 1)  (VIEW TRACK)
Route 6.- Weekend in the Picos de Europa (June 8-9) (VIEW TRACK) (PHOTOS)
Route 7.- Los Bufones (Asturias) (July 13) (VIEW TRACK) (PHOTOS)
Route 8.- Cares Route (September 28) (VIEW TRACK) (PHOTOS)
Route 9.- Pico Mahón (October 19) (VIEW TRACK) (PHOTOS)
Route 10.- Pradela chestnuts (El Bierzo) (November 9) (VIEW TRACK) (PHOTOS)

Santa María en Ruta 2018 Program: (TRACK´S DETAIL)
Route 1.- Sierra de las Casas Viejas (Eria - Jamúz) (March 17) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 2.- Tejesa de Tosande (Montaña Palentina) (April 14) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 3.- Villasecino - La Majúa Torrestío (Babia) (May 20) (VIEW TRACK) (PHOTOS)
Route 4.- Mirva and Rabanal Valleys (June 9) (VIEW TRACK) (PHOTOS)
Route 5.- Fluvial Path of the Rio Ñora - Gijón (July 14) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 6.- Pinzón Valley and Isoba Lake (September 22) (VIEW TRACK) (PHOTOS
Route 7.- Casasuertes Beech (Riaño) (October 20) (VIEW TRACK )  (PHOTOS
Route 8.- Las Tejedas Valley (November 10) (VIEW TRACK)  (PHOTOS)

Santa María en Ruta 2017 Program: (TRACK´S DETAIL)
Route 1.- Santo Domingo de Silos - Covarrubias (February 18) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 2.- Vadinian Route Stage Las Salas - Cistierna (March 25)
Route 3.- Valdeolea Menhir Route (April 8)
Route 4.- Braña de la Fontellada (May 6)
Route 5.- Path of the Laguna de las Lomas (June 17)
Route 6.- Path of the Shipping Coast (July 15)
Route 7.- Horcadas - Tejerina - Prioro (September 23)
Route 8.- Puerto de Ancares - Pico Miravalles (October 12)
Route 9.- Hayedo de la Boyariza (November 11)

Santa María en Ruta 2016 Program: (TRACK´S DATAILS)
Route 1.- Cork oak forests of Cobrana (February 27) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 2.- Arribes del Duero. "Villardiegua - Mirador Peña Redonda" (March 12) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 3.- Las Brañas de Cuevas del Sil (April 9) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 4.- Colinas del Campo M.M.T - Campo de Santiago - Fasgar (May 7) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 5.- Forcadura Canyon - Fish Lagoon (Lake Sanabria Natural Park) (June 11)
Route 6.- Coastal Route "Caves and Mills of Ribadesella" (July 23 and August 21)
Route 7.- Route through the surroundings of the Ubiñas (September 24) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 8.- Alba Route from Soto de Agues (Redes Natural Park) (October 12)
Route 9.- Orzanaga Tea Route (November 5)

Santa María en Ruta 2015 Program: (TRACK´S DETAILS)
Route 1. Banks of Castronuño. (February 21st) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 2. Snowshoeing Route: Puerto de Somiedo - La Salgada. (February 28th) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 3. Cabrera River. (Marrubio - Nogar - Quintanilla de Losada. (March 21 and 22) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 4. Route of the Arrieros. (Formos de Fermoselle –Fariza) (April 18 and 23) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 5. Cruz del Ferro - Gualton Waterfall - Carracedo de Compludo - El Acebo. (May 9 and 10) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 6. BTT route through the Páramo. (May 30) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 7. San Glorio - Coriscao - Luriana Valley. (June 20 and 21) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 8. Coastal Route. Cabo de Peñas - Luanco. (July 18 and August 9)
Route 9. Las Tuerces - La Horadada gorge. (September 19 and 20) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 10. BTT route through the Páramo. (September 27th)
Route 11. Truchillas Lake. (October 17 and 18) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 12. Sierra da Encina. (Covas-Villardesilva-Pardollán) (November 7 and 15) (VIEW TRACK)

Santa María en Ruta 2014 Program: (TRACK´S DETAIL)
Route 1. Canal de Castilla - Laguna de La Nava (Palencia). (February 8th)
Route 2. Camino do Demo (Balboa - Herreraía de Valcarce). (March 22)
Route 3. Roblón de Estalaya - Senda del Oso - Cervera de Pisuerga (Palencia) (April 23)
Route 4. Las Médulas - Carucedo Lake. (May 1) (VIEW TRACK)
Route 5. BTT route through the Páramo. (May 10)
Route 6. The Arbás Valley. (June 14th)
Route 7. Bustio Coastal Route - Pendueles (Asturias). (July 19)
Route 8. La Berrea in Tierras de la Reina. (September 27th)
Route 9. Vega de Llos (Picos de Europa). (October 25)
Route 10. Camino del Salvador (Buiza- Pajares). (November 8th)

Santa María en Ruta 2013 Program: (TRACK´S DETAILS).
Ruata 1. “Pedraza - Boada de Campos” Ornithological Route (Palencia). (23 of February)
Route 2. Cultural Route "Desfiladero de las Xanas - Museum of Fine Arts of Oviedo" (March 9)
Route 3. Interpreted Route "Llamas de la Cabrera + Batting". (April 13th)
Route 4. Hiking Route “Wolfram Route - Peña do Seo”. (April 23rd)
Route 5. "Ribera del Omaña" Hiking Route (May 1)
Route 6. Hiking Route "Puerto de Tejedo - Santa Olaja de Varga". (May 11)
Route 7. BBT Bike Route "Santa María - Villazala - Veguellina - Acebes - Santa María" (May 18)
Route 8. "Los Puertos de Verano" Hiking Route. (June 22nd)
Route 9. Viavelez Coastal Route - Tapia de Casariego (Asturias) (July 6)
Route 10. Hiking Route "Pinar de Lillo-Pico Lago-Hayedo Tronisco" (September 21)
Route 11. BBT Bike Route "Santa María - Monte de Pobladura de Pelayo García" (September 28)
Route 12. Hiking Route "Ascensión Pico Polvoreda" (October 12)
Route 13. Cultural Route "The Bridges of Malpaso" (November 9)

Santa María en Ruta 2012 Program:
Route 1. Villafáfila lagoons. (February 4)
Route 2. Vegarada Port. (Snowshoeing route). (February 25)
Route 3. Fairy Forest. (March 17)
Route 4. Bear Path. (Asturias) (April 23)
Route 5. San Facundo - Matavenero (May 1)
Route 6. Las Bodegas (BBT Bike Route) (May 12)
Route 7. Lake of Saliencia. (Somiedo) (June 9)
Route 8. San Juan Lighthouse - Cabo de Peñas. (Asturias) (July 14)
Route 9. Source of the Sil River (September 15)
Route 10. Ascension to Teleno (October 20)
Route 11. Ciñera - Valporquero (November 3)

Santa María en Ruta 2011 Program:
Route 1. The Cordel de Merinas (Abelgas de Luna) (March 19)
Route 2. Los Ancares (Burbia Lakes) (April 30)
Route 3. Route of the Calderones (May 28)
Route 4. Jesters Route (Llanes) (June 18)
Route 5. Sotillo Route (Waterfalls and Lagoon) Sanabria (July 11)
Route 6. "Peral - Villar de Vildas" (Somiedo) route. (September, 17th)
Route 7. Bicycle Route “Ruta del Páramo” (September 24)
Route 8. “Path of the Archdeacon” (Picos de Europa). (October 8th)

Santa María en Ruta 2010 Program:
Route 1. Tebaida Berciana (Peñalba de Santiago). (May 1)
Route 2. To Negrillos Lagoon (May 29)
Route 3. Omaña Fountains (Murias de Paredes). (June 26)
Route 4. Of the Greens (Torre de Babia) (September 25)
Rura 5. Ruta del Cartes (October 16)

Those people who want to receive information on each of the routes or have questions, contact Santiago (Sports Technician) at the Municipal offices, on the phone 987 350 441 or on deportes@santamariadelparamo.es